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5 Tips To Stay Safe On A Lawn Tractor

Using a lawn tractor can be a great way to make lawn care a whole lot easier on yourself. However, if you aren't careful, you could get hurt while using your ride-on lawn mower to cut your grass. Fortunately, following these tips can help you stay safe while taking care of your yard.

1. Dress Properly

First of all, you should make sure that you are dressed properly when cutting grass. Overly baggy clothing can get caught in the parts of your lawn mower and can cause injury, so you will probably want to make sure that you wear properly fitting clothing. Additionally, wearing long pants and a long-sleeved shirt can help protect your skin both from flying debris and from being sunburned. Wearing lace up shoes that fit properly and eye protection can also help you stay safe, and you'll probably want to wear gloves, particularly when working with potentially hot parts of your lawn mower.

2. Turn it Off

When working with your lawn tractor, such as refueling it, make sure that it's turned off. This will help protect you from getting shocked and will also help you ensure that you ate safe from any moving parts and that the lawn mower does not start moving when you aren't expecting it to.

3. Operate at a Slower Speed

It can be tempting to want to go fast on your lawn tractor so that you can get your grass cut more quickly. However, operating your lawn tractor at a higher rate of speed can put you more at risk of an accident. Plus, you might find that you aren't able to cut your lawn as neatly when you drive your lawn tractor at a higher speed. Slowing it down can help you do a better job and stay safer at the same time.

4. Look Out for Obstacles

If you aren't careful, driving over obstacles like tree roots can actually jar your lawn tractor and can cause you to be thrown off of it. Plus, running over obstacles can also damage your lawn tractor. Therefore, it's wise to look ahead carefully so that you can avoid them.

5. Be Careful on Slopes

Be careful when operating your lawn tractor on hills or in ditches. For overly steep grades, using a weed whacker can be a safer choice. Otherwise, consider approaching this type of cut horizontally rather than vertically when possible to stay safe.

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