Fairy-Themed Lighting For Your Backyard

Whether you're planning a fairyland-themed wedding or creating a magical relaxation nook in your backyard, fairy-themed lighting is a must. Here are some whimsical lighting ideas to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your enchanted fairy forest. 1. Whimsical lanterns Cute lanterns can mount on top of your fence posts or dangle from ribbons, hooks, or tree branches. These lanterns come in a variety of shapes, from birdcage-like shapes to globes to more classic lantern shapes. [Read More]

Tips For Gravel And Rock Use And Installation In Your Landscaping

When you are landscaping your yard, there are many types of landscaping elements you can work into its appearance. Different types of rock and stone are useful for installing a paving area for vehicle parking, as a pathway to walk through your garden, or as a decorative border. Here are some tips to help you use gravel and rock in your landscaping for an attractive appearance. Prepare the Site One of the most important parts of landscaping with gravel is in the foundation preparation. [Read More]

Shade Trees That Are Also Attractive

You likely get more enjoyment out of your yard when you can relax in the shade on sunny days. The best shade trees have a wide canopy with thick foliage. Any tree will be an attractive addition to your yard. However, perhaps you want a tree that will also augment your landscaping and add curb appeal. Below are some shade trees that are also very pretty to look at. Flowering Dogwood [Read More]

Creating Your Own Cobblestone Garden Path: A DIY Guide

A garden path is a very romantic sort of thing. It connotes a time past when such paths meandered through flower, vegetable, and herb gardens, each with its own beauty. Now, a garden path can be installed in your yard for functionality as well as for decoration. If you want to make it extra special, you can make it a cobblestone brick path, and here is how to do it.  [Read More]