Making Your Yard Pop

Grass Not Turning Green This Spring? Aerate the Lawn to Make It Healthier

Now that spring is here, the grass should be turning green and looking much healthier. If your grass is still looking much like it did in the winter, then there is a problem. Fortunately, you can aerate your lawn to get it green and healthier again. Below is information on what this is so you can get started with this process. 

Aerate the Lawn

Aerating your lawn can help it become much healthier. This is especially true if you have heavy soil or a lot of thatch on the lawn. Aerating will stimulate the roots to start growing strong, help with soil compaction, and cut way down on accumulating thatch growth. Aerating will also help water and nutrients reach the roots of the grass. If you have bumpy areas on your lawn aerating can also smooth these out. Some of the best times to aerate a lawn are in the late fall or in the early spring after the last frost. 

Types of Aerators

There are different types of aerators that you can purchase. If you have a small yard, you can purchase a tow behind turf aerator that you can tow on your riding lawnmower or small tractor. These aerators are small enough that you can store them in a garage, shed, or other building. They are also easy to attach to the lawnmower or tractor and to use. 

There are core aerators that work well. This type has hollow tubes that remove plugs of dirt as you roll the aerator across the grass. The plugs are left on the ground as they will break down on their own. The holes left are not large enough for someone to trip over. There are also spike aerators that punch holes in the ground as the aerator is rolled over the grass. No plugs of dirt are removed with this type. 

Prepare Your Lawn

Before you start to aerate your lawn, remove all debris such as sticks, rocks, etc. If there are a lot of built-up leaves or other debris remove this also. Water the lawn a couple of days before you plan to do this. This will make the soil much easier to work with as it will be much softer. This will also help make it much easier for the aerator to punch through the soil. You do not want the soil to be muddy or overly wet or the aerating machine will become clogged. 

If you do not want to purchase an aerator, you can rent one from many garden supply stores. For more information about tow-behind aerators such as a Sweep-All, contact your local gardening or landscaping store.