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Here We Go!

Okay, well, it’s been quiet around here, no doubt. But soon and very soon, TCS will be playing the 4th HOMESPUN show in Portland, OR. See flyer below for details. It’s in a few weeks.

We also continue to write for a new project, but it’s slow going. C’est la vie. Stay tuned!

HOMESPUN - July 17th


Well of course The Cobalt Season has been fairly quiet since the move to Portland. We’re gonna play a house show this summer at…our house. We’ll be hosting 3 concerts, in fact. Great musicians, local art, and my own homebrew, sangria, and other such sordid drinks.

Check out the flyer below. Feel free to put it on your blog on site to let folks know about it. And hope to see you there if you’re in the Portland area.



Wow. It’s been a long time. Sorry to leave you hanging. We’ve been taking a good deal of time away from The Cobalt Season, putting an extraordinary amount of time into SharpSeven Design and our new home in Portland, Oregon. Yes, yes, Holly, Pax, and Ryan moved there in September. Jared is still considering the move with his new misses. We’ll see.

We’ll also see what 2009 holds…perhaps some more short tours on the West Coast or perhaps even to the UK for Greenbelt, etc…or perhaps a new album…at least the start of a new album.

We’ll make ourselves available to those here in the Pacific NW. If you’d like us to come out for a little something-something in Seattle or Ashland or anywhere in between, please do contact us.

That’s all for now. More to come in the future.

Rappahannock Independent Film Festival

The Cobalt Season’s latest documentary is being featured at this year’s festival in Central Virginia. If you or anyone you know is in the area that weekend, please make plans to attend. It should be fun. If we weren’t in the middle of moving, I might have made plans to.

Located in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, from September 18 – 21, the Rappahannock Independent Film Festival (RIFF) is an annual event dedicated to promoting excellence in independent filmmaking. Please take part in this year’s festival by attending the public screenings. Website is here.

Back Home!

img_8635.jpgOur Album Release Party and 10-day CA tour was wonderful. So great to meet so many of you and hear/share stories, wine, and song. A huge thanks to all the show hosts/promoters.

A few pics have been uploaded to our visuals section. Keep your eyes peeled for some podcasts and interviews featuring the new album. I’ll do my best to post them here.

img_8636.jpgWe have a couple shows left to play here at home in the Bay Area before Jared and Lacy get married. Then we’ll be taking most of the summer off, playing just a few things here and there (like the Jesus for President tour at Grace Cathedral as well as some of the Church Basement Roadshows here in the Bay). We’re going try to stream tonight’s show here. Check back around 8pm PST tonight, May 9th.

Today’s the Day!

On this great anniversary of the SF earthquake of 1906, we release our 5th record. Yours today for $15 plus shipping here. Great news is that if you want to get one for yourself and one for a friend, you pay no extra shipping…at all! And you can take a listen via our music player by pressing LISTEN on the right over there.

And tonight is the album release party. It’s been crazy trying to arrange schedules, lodging, and whatnot for all the people coming in. We’ve got people flying in from Seattle, Nashville, LA, W. Virginia…as well as guest appearances by folks in DC and Africa. Should be an amazing evening of love.

Hoping this stream will work below…7pm PST DVD screening, 8pm PST Concert. Click here.


Thanks to Jared for cutting the DVD up so that we can post these 2 videos as previews for the new CD/DVD, Fragile Iconoclast. Check ‘em. And get your copy today…or come out to the album release party. Enjoy!

Emergent Village Podcast

Here’s a 45-minute interview/podcast with Mike Stavlund that we did in DC for Emergent Village. It features clips from some of the new tunes. We also talk about life, music, and stuff. Enjoy.

icon for podpress  Emergent Village Podcast: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Get Album Release Party Tickets = Download Album!

That’s right…if you buy your tickets in advance for the Album Release Party (April 18th), you can download all the new songs digitally…right now!

Yes, yes, you’ll still be receiving the handsome CD/DVD set the night of the party. But you can satisfy your urge for hearing the new tunes now. How’s that for instant gratification?

Just go here, get your tickets and I’ll send you a link to start your download! Enjoy. And then come to the party, singing along!

(And don’t worry, all you folks who already bought tickets will be receiving an email from me shortly!)

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