Making Your Yard Pop

Creating Your Own Cobblestone Garden Path: A DIY Guide

A garden path is a very romantic sort of thing. It connotes a time past when such paths meandered through flower, vegetable, and herb gardens, each with its own beauty. Now, a garden path can be installed in your yard for functionality as well as for decoration. If you want to make it extra special, you can make it a cobblestone brick path, and here is how to do it. 

Mark Off the Area Where You Want the Path to Go

First and foremost, mark off the area where you want the path to go. Decide if the path will be straight or if it will bend and curve. Use wooden garden stakes to mark the side edges of the path, and then use string or twine wrapped around all the stakes on each side of the path. The string or twine will be your sight line for the next step. 

Use Your Markers and String/Twine to Excavate the Path

You cannot simply set your bricks or stones on top of the ground and have it function as a path. You have to excavate a little dirt so that there is a shallow trench into which you can place and position each brick or stone. Use the garden stakes and the twine/string you have wound around the stakes on each side to guide your sight lines for digging. Then your path will not be wider or narrower in any one particular area. Be sure to dig about three inches deep to accommodate the concrete mix and the stone/brick you intend to use. 

Buy From Brick Paver Supply Companies

Next, buy your paving brick or river stone (depending on which you want to use to make this cobblestone path) from a brick paver supply company. These companies will have everything you need to finish this project. When you order from some of these companies, they will deliver, dropping a pallet of bricks or stones, trowels, and concrete mix on your lawn. 

Mix Small Batches of Concrete to Act as "Glue" for the Stones/Bricks

Next, mix small batches of concrete. Pour the concrete into your shallow, excavated pathway. You will want to do small batches so that you can keep up with the work and the task of positioning and placing numerous bricks or stones on top of the concrete and pushing the bricks/stones into the concrete in tessellated forms. Continue this small-batch task until your garden path is complete.