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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Office Building's Reception Area More Inviting And Comfortable For Clients

Are you looking for ways to improve the look and feel of your office building's reception area? Here are a few easy ways to make the space more comfortable and inviting for your clients overall.

1. Paint the Walls

One of the easiest ways to make your office building's reception area more inviting and comfortable for clients is to give the walls a new paint job, especially if the walls are currently white or beige. Color can have an effect on peoples' moods when they're exposed to them, so you can use the walls to your advantage when you want to impress your clients while making them comfortable when they spend time in your reception area. Consider using one of the following options:

  • Blue – It creates a sense of trustworthiness
  • Violet – It helps to invoke a feeling of sophistication
  • Green – Encourages more creative thinking

It's a good idea to stay away from brighter colors, such as red which can actually impair analytic reasoning which could affect the outcome of your business meetings when all is said and done.

2. Focus on Texture

Another easy way to improve comfort in your reception area is to focus on adding some texture to the space. If the chairs and couches in your reception area are leather or plastic, cover them with fitted seated covers made of suede or cotton material for extra comfort. And add some pillows to the seating for added depth.

You can cozy the space up even more by placing tablecloths over the coffee and end tables. Cloth light shade coverings will help set a stress-free mood and create some drama that your clients are sure to appreciate. And consider hanging tapestries instead of paintings on the walls.

3. Create a Plantscape

Incorporating an indoor plantscape into your reception area is an excellent way to enhance the look and feel of the space and make it more comfortable for anyone spending time there. And the live plants that are featured in the plantscape can help filter the air in the reception area so your clients will be less likely to get exposed to toxins and allergens when they visit you.

Creating a plantscape is easy. Just purchase a few indoor cylinder planters of different colors and designs and place them in the middle of your reception area arranged to create a custom garden design of your preference. Fill the planters with soil and baby indoors plants of your choosing. Then all you have to do is water and fertilize them on a regular basis to keep them healthy and strong.