Making Your Yard Pop

Three Tips For Starting A Garden

Having a garden can be an excellent way of improving the appearance of your property while also providing you with fresh vegetables and flowers. However, having a successful garden can be surprisingly difficult for those that have limited experience with growing plants. As you are considering your options for starting a garden, there are a few factors that can help to give your garden the best chance of success.

Appreciate The Benefits Of A Raised Garden Bed

When you are evaluating areas for your garden, you may want to consider opting for a raised garden bed. An elevated garden bed may provide you with a number of benefits over ground levels garden beds. For example, an elevated bed will provide you with more control over the soil quality and consistency as you will have to fill the raised area with soil. Additionally, it is possible to ensure the garden bed has excellent drainage, which can help to avoid the roots becoming waterlogged.

Test The Soil Quality

If you choose to avoid installed a raised garden bed, you will need to choose a spot on the ground that has the best soil quality possible. Otherwise, you may find that your plants will struggle to thrive regardless of what you do. To avoid choosing a spot that has inferior quality soil, you should conduct a soil test of any areas where you are considering placing the garden. When performing this test, you should compare the nutrients and soil density with the needs of the plants that you intend to grow. If you are not comfortable with performing this type of test, there are professional landscaping services that will be able to help you perform these tests on the areas where you are considering placing the garden bed.  

Have A Plan For Managing Weeds

Weeds can be one of the more prevalent issues that you will have to address when it comes to your garden. Over the course of their development, weeds will compete with the plants you are growing for nutrients, water and sunlight. When you first start to plan your garden, you should have a basic idea of the steps you will take to manage and mitigate the growth of weeds in the garden bed. While you may assume that weed killing chemicals will be the only effective solution, it is possible to use weed netting, mulch and other chemical-free options to greatly reduce the ability of weeds to take root in your garden.

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