Making Your Yard Pop

Caring For Your Rented Commercial Mower

If you're someone has had the idea of making a profit from landscaping work, you may already realize that the lawn mower you use for your own lawn is insufficient for mowing multiple lawns of different sizes. Renting a commercial lawn mower is a smart way to start your landscaping business without spending too much money, but you have to be sure you're maintaining the equipment well during your long-term rental so you don't end up paying a lot in additional fees. Here are some things you should be doing to protect the mower.

Clean it Daily

One step that so many people overlook when maintaining lawn mowers is simply cleaning them. You might get tired after a long day of mowing lawns and working on other people's properties, so leaving cleaning for later seems like a natural choice. However, be aware that when you aren't cleaning the deck and blades of your rented mower, you're increasing the chance of rust. This kind of damage could end up costing you money when you return the mower to the rental company. Not only that, but you're jeopardizing your new business if you're not regularly cleaning the mower; soil and grass buildup makes the mower less able to cut as cleanly as it could. That means that a finished lawn may not look as good as it could.

The easiest way to clean a mower is to put it on some kind of jack stand and scrape away grass, soil and other particles with a hard plastic wedge. By doing this at the end of every business day, you won't have to deal with too much caked-on debris.

Keep Tires Inflated

It's easy to forget about the tires on a mower, but they've vital to the operation of the machine. Flat tires mean that the mower is harder to push, but more importantly, they will cause the lawn cut to be uneven in spots. The rental company may have filled the tires with air before releasing the machine to you, but it's a good idea to have a pressure gauge on hand so you're sure the tires aren't having trouble. Ask the rental company about the maximum amount of air allowed in the tires so you know how much to inflate them if the need arises.

Using these pointers enables you to return your rented mower in good condition. Discuss your plans with a mower rental company, such as ProCore Power Equipment LLC, for more ideas and information.